Piece of Cake




Not much to say about this one too. Scaled up from a sketch and painted over – the only thing recycled was the slight background. I might go over the Lamingtons later to make them more distinctive. The chocolate bunnies are kinda universal these days – especially with Easter coming up.

Beaked Noses

Surprisingly, this one took much shorter than the others.

  • I rescaled her face profile from the previous illustration,
  • filled in some detail and more lines
  • touched up her hairline
  • added glasses and … that was it.

The kid is a silhouette and the faint background is a recycled interior shot with a dynamic radial burst of pinks overlay.


Over the Counter Service

Here’s another which was done from scratch. Not much trickery going on her which wasn’t employed in my previous posts. A re-use of the background and good old fashion painting-from-scratch.



Note: the bag with the microphone is unfinished because I have to redesign it from my previous image.

Bounty Huntress

As a bit of practice I do random portraits of my friends on Facebook, based on their photos. Most of them are overseas so I find it difficult to sit them down to do a proper portrait. having said this, I don’t even do that with my friends who live nearby!


This one is based on a friend in Canada who has a thing for Star Wars. I decided to put her in the female version of Boba Fett’s outfit. As always, there’s a sketch of sorts. This one was a little more detailed because I had to stay true to Boba Fett’s outfit – so i left in more details and references.



The background was pretty simple. I had a reference of an explosion on another screen which I used as a guide. I didn’t want it to be too realistically detailed because these portrait pieces are meant to be fast and loose. I dropped some block colour on the character and then adjusted it with some  Color Balance to match the reds and oranges of the explosion. The greens got darker, the greys got brown.


After painting the body, I finally started working on the head. Unfortunately I had to actually think about this one, because she had to photos of herself being lit from behind, so there was a fair bit of guess-work involved on casting light and shadow. I also took her neck down eventually – for some reason I like drawing long necks …



As always, the final image had a Brightness/Contrast adjustment because I was working in muted tones for too long. Anyone else notice how your eyes just get used to the dull tones and colours, until you walk away and come back to the image much latera and go WTF? 🙂

Lights Are On ….

Unfortunately for this one, there wasn’t much of an opportunity to recycle body parts. Luckily, the images here will be used for a few ones more ahead. The only slight recycle is a faded background used of the basement with cleavers hanging from shelves. That’s obscured by the wash of purple-red creepiness.



Here’s the original sketch with colours laid down. I eventually desaturated the background to keep some distance and depth between the reality and the fantasy.



Oishi des!

Here’s a fine example of more recycling.

  • Scaled up from my previous image with colour levels adjusted,
  • copy & paste & scale of another background already done,
  • all that was added was an extra hand, some thongs, a cake and a creepier facial adjustment.



While I do say it’s a simple scale up, the elements closer to the foreground get a retouch with a finer brush to sharpen the edges. For instance, the cakes on the trays got a repaint along with the glass casing. The elements in the background get a simple edge-treatment just to make it look less fuzzy.

Dat Ass … mhmm


Just a quickie for this one:

  • Background was a reused-recoloured section of another piece,
  • about 20% of the lady was copied from another and
  • the kid was drawn from scratch – I’ll probably be using his face in a few more pictures.

It was nice to finally draw her skirt, which makes her a big muffin/cupcake 🙂


Brickwork No.4

Originally, this was a frontal shot of a door embedded in a tree trunk. But the image looked much like a bleeding vagina (due to the red) that I decided to paint over it (you can barely see outline underneath in the door area) and evoke something a little more geometric.

Quick lattice set up a grid for perspective – once again, a little distorted.


Fixed up the perspective with the Umber wash linework.


The final piece with pastels and dark washes – complete with doorknob.


Brickwork No.3

This one is a little bit of a throwback to the “Red Door: Richmond” I did a few months/years ago. It’s a narrow door set in the face of brick wall, but this time I decided to do some fancy brickwork which meant a lot of shadow play.

Base Colours and tones. Most of it was leftover paint from the other paintings.


Line work established in Burnt Umber wash.


Filling in the blanks with pastels of white mixed with reds and yellows, and dark washes of umber and violet.


Ta Dah! with a quick door knob.


Brickwork No.2

Just a quick shot of working on 4 at the same time.


Here’s another one done. Brickwork is fun (not)!



I had to re-adjust the brickwork on the top of the architrave to match the perspective.

IMG_1990 IMG_1998 IMG_2001