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Over the Counter Service

Here’s another which was done from scratch. Not much trickery going on her which wasn’t employed in my previous posts. A re-use of the background and good old fashion painting-from-scratch.



Note: the bag with the microphone is unfinished because I have to redesign it from my previous image.

Lights Are On ….

Unfortunately for this one, there wasn’t much of an opportunity to recycle body parts. Luckily, the images here will be used for a few ones more ahead. The only slight recycle is a faded background used of the basement with cleavers hanging from shelves. That’s obscured by the wash of purple-red creepiness.



Here’s the original sketch with colours laid down. I eventually desaturated the background to keep some distance and depth between the reality and the fantasy.



Oishi des!

Here’s a fine example of more recycling.

  • Scaled up from my previous image with colour levels adjusted,
  • copy & paste & scale of another background already done,
  • all that was added was an extra hand, some thongs, a cake and a creepier facial adjustment.



While I do say it’s a simple scale up, the elements closer to the foreground get a retouch with a finer brush to sharpen the edges. For instance, the cakes on the trays got a repaint along with the glass casing. The elements in the background get a simple edge-treatment just to make it look less fuzzy.

Dat Ass … mhmm


Just a quickie for this one:

  • Background was a reused-recoloured section of another piece,
  • about 20% of the lady was copied from another and
  • the kid was drawn from scratch – I’ll probably be using his face in a few more pictures.

It was nice to finally draw her skirt, which makes her a big muffin/cupcake ūüôā


Keep It Close To The Heart


Here’s another re-composited image of one of the characters in the story I’m illustrating.

I reused the face, body, hands and hair from a previous image and just added a few little things.

The face, is a dramatic change from the usual menacing one to a soft smile – which required a fair bit more re-arranging of features. Thankfully the wrinkles of the face make it easier to convey that expression and scaling and joint-painting over it this one was a breeze.

The original face in the image below was scaled up and over laid the sketch to indicate the areas which needed rework (note the repeats in face of the original image – that’s because I work in layers and cover over the extra bits of the face with hair/clothes)


The face with sections cloned out (Lasso-ed and Option+Nudged) and Rotated and scaled to match as close as possible to the expression I’m going for.


The half of the face which has been painted over to clean up the joints. The nose has been angled a bit upwards and the brows raised to soften the gaze. The half face is then Mirrored to and  painted over (cleaned up) again at the mid section.



I also reused the hands from another picture and re-did the index finger and thumb to hold the locket. The glasses are bent in this picture to further accentuate the softness of the expression. Apart from that, the whole piece took much less time than other pieces because the bulk of the work has already been done.

Recycling Faces

Part of my workflow has been about recycling and re-using of parts/sections of previous detailed work. In effect, I’m doing photo-manipulation work to reduce the workload of re painting images from scratch. Thankfully, I had some foresight to repeat themes and images when I first laid out my work and so the re-work has been minimal.

Here’s two images which are similar (background character), but different at the same time.

This image is similar to the “Vampyre” one, but the only difference was the addition of hair, hands and part of the body.


The image below is similar to the one above, but the difference here is the hair, hands, angle of the face, and mouth (which I varied with a little smirk). I also got to re-use the heads of the foreground characters from other images and the teddy bear.




Based off these original images where I composed most of the elements.

09_wip_small 27_wip_small

Some Assembly Required


I’m at the point where I’m creating images using elements from other images I’ve already done. Though, I’m still creating the little boy characters from scratch – but that’s really because each of them have pretty unique poses and facial expressions. Eventually, I’ll be able to recycle some of the faces and bodies in later images.

The background character here was reassembled from an earlier piece (Page 9) where I drew sections of her in picture frames. Thankfully this time around I didn’t have to do too much detailing on her skin and only mirrored her face (which is mostly hidden, anyways).




Not entirely happy with this one only because it took much longer than expected – two ish days. In my infinite wisdom of trying to be efficient in my workflow (this was an after thought after doing about 3 images), I’ve started targeting pages which have similar elements such as re-useable characters and backgrounds. I thought this page would have been a simple Skew and Scale job but I was very, very wrong.

Unfortunately I don’t have the works in progress of the semi-smart chop-up job I had to do on the building. Basically, I had to take chunks of Page 7 and Scale and Skew them into this new perspective/angle. Then I had to fill in the gaps and paint over about 50% of the image to get the angle right. At one point, I even had to create a separate file just to redo the door section, only to realise later that most of it is obscured by the character in front. I did manage to reuse the Signage typography from the other illustration and Skew it to fit this setup.

As a result, not exactly an enjoyable piece to do, but a challenge nevertheless. Thankfully, there’s only two exterior shots of the Sweet Shop as I’m quite done with painting that reflective glass surface.

A Fine Selection

This one was pretty straight forward. I reused the background I had already spent a lot of time on, on one of my other illustrations and expanded it. CLeaned up what ever was missing ad then added the two characters. The trickiest bit here was doing all the sweets, which in the end was just a large pattern I generated from scratch and applied sections of it in each compartment.


Doing the reflections at an underside angle was interesting too. Not a big fan of the excessive pink happening here.

Montage Time

Another intense character piece for the story I’m working on. I fear I have to re-do the ear pieces on each one of these characters int he end of¬†consistency¬†on how they look/operate. Some of them have his ears popping out, and some have various cover sizes. The shading style here is very graphic on the larger version of the character, almost making him look plastic. Not sure how to resolve that one but I hope it’s less work at the end when I decide.



The characters were done on different layers to allow for some movement/placement and less rework on each one. It also came in handy when I needed to add depth with desaturation/colour adjustment and blurring of the hierarchy of each toon. I thought Green was a different choice of background colour, considering the amount of pinks/purples which occur in most of the book.