Keep It Close To The Heart


Here’s another re-composited image of one of the characters in the story I’m illustrating.

I reused the face, body, hands and hair from a previous image and just added a few little things.

The face, is a dramatic change from the usual menacing one to a soft smile – which required a fair bit more re-arranging of features. Thankfully the wrinkles of the face make it easier to convey that expression and scaling and joint-painting over it this one was a breeze.

The original face in the image below was scaled up and over laid the sketch to indicate the areas which needed rework (note the repeats in face of the original image – that’s because I work in layers and cover over the extra bits of the face with hair/clothes)


The face with sections cloned out (Lasso-ed and Option+Nudged) and Rotated and scaled to match as close as possible to the expression I’m going for.


The half of the face which has been painted over to clean up the joints. The nose has been angled a bit upwards and the brows raised to soften the gaze. The half face is then Mirrored to and  painted over (cleaned up) again at the mid section.



I also reused the hands from another picture and re-did the index finger and thumb to hold the locket. The glasses are bent in this picture to further accentuate the softness of the expression. Apart from that, the whole piece took much less time than other pieces because the bulk of the work has already been done.

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