Visual Cover Letter (& Resume)

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So here is the slideshow/gallery of the Visual Resume I made, in an attempt to get my foot in the door in an (mid-sized)  Architectural Firm (I’ve blocked out the names of the people involved and some references directly to them for their privacy) . I did get an “interview” of sorts, but unfortunately there were no positions available for my administrative experience, creative skills or architectural background. The upside was that one of the principals was impressed with my work (I had to generate a port folio from scratch for the “interview”) that he might contact me in the future for presentation work to add to my “industry experience”.

The background/inspiration of this piece came from a thought “what would I want to see if some one sent me a resume/cover letter for a position in a creative agency?”.  Writing my own brief, I determined that I should make it post/mail-able, showcase of my ability to communicate visually, quirky enough to be different but anchored enough to show my personality. Most of all it had to be personable, because the person reading this would have to get an idea of who I was as a human being of 30 plus years.

I went old school for this using blue mechanical pencil lead (old school drafting) and felt-tip pens for the lettering. I also left faint construction lines, to evoke that old school feel.

I had a lot of doubts while producing this, as it was a significant body of work (40 pages of hand drawn images and or typography), about the success of it. Thankfully I managed to push through it, because the response was “delightful resume” and “come in and let’s have a chat”.

(While I am pretty amazing with my baking, I decided not to risk food poisoning and opted to get a cake from Le Petit Gateau for the “interview”)

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