Side Serves: Concept Art & Visual Resume

While working on the illustrations I’ve blogged about, I have also been working on two other little projects.

(One) Some concept art for an ex workmate who wants to create a RTS type Game. Humans, Robots, Aliens – usual stuff. At this moment I have free reign on concept with a very bare frame work suggested by him. I’ll post some images up later once I get an okay from him.

(Two) I decided to do a Visual Resume/Cover Letter to apply for an entry level job at an Architecture Firm. I figured, if I was hiring, I’d like to see something personal and creative from the applicant. In this case I am also cold-calling. It’s a 80 page Moleskin blank journal – which I only used 40 sides, because of how thin the paper was. All the lettering was done in felt tip and all the background images were done in mechanical blue pencil (old school drafting). I left the construction lines for effect. I’ll probably post the sequence out, once I find out if it had the desired effect (even if it doesn’t work out, I’ll probably still post it)



Wish me luck!

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