Recycling Faces

Part of my workflow has been about recycling and re-using of parts/sections of previous detailed work. In effect, I’m doing photo-manipulation work to reduce the workload of re painting images from scratch. Thankfully, I had some foresight to repeat themes and images when I first laid out my work and so the re-work has been minimal.

Here’s two images which are similar (background character), but different at the same time.

This image is similar to the “Vampyre” one, but the only difference was the addition of hair, hands and part of the body.


The image below is similar to the one above, but the difference here is the hair, hands, angle of the face, and mouth (which I varied with a little smirk). I also got to re-use the heads of the foreground characters from other images and the teddy bear.




Based off these original images where I composed most of the elements.

09_wip_small 27_wip_small

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