Not entirely happy with this one only because it took much longer than expected – two ish days. In my infinite wisdom of trying to be efficient in my workflow (this was an after thought after doing about 3 images), I’ve started targeting pages which have similar elements such as re-useable characters and backgrounds. I thought this page would have been a simple Skew and Scale job but I was very, very wrong.

Unfortunately I don’t have the works in progress of the semi-smart chop-up job I had to do on the building. Basically, I had to take chunks of Page 7 and Scale and Skew them into this new perspective/angle. Then I had to fill in the gaps and paint over about 50% of the image to get the angle right. At one point, I even had to create a separate file just to redo the door section, only to realise later that most of it is obscured by the character in front. I did manage to reuse the Signage typography from the other illustration and Skew it to fit this setup.

As a result, not exactly an enjoyable piece to do, but a challenge nevertheless. Thankfully, there’s only two exterior shots of the Sweet Shop as I’m quite done with painting that reflective glass surface.


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