Caged Heart Part 2

I do really hate noses. I have a general idea of how they look like (you know, everyone has one), but when you’re trying to paint the subtle shaded difference of noses from a frontal light source and have to blend it with the skin that connects to the cheeks, that’s where I get lost. The gradual shading makes or breaks a face.

Here’s my Michael Jackson sides post-op nose.


Here’s the detail in it’s truly hideous  manner. The shading is all wrong and the scale to the face needed adjusting.


This was my first attempt at fixing it, then I gave up for the day. I realised it wasn’t dimensional enough, ie, triangular and popping out, so I painted over as you would extending it out in a geometric manner.


Anyways, after a good night’s sleep and with clearer eyes, I realised not only was it flat, but small and basically out of scale (along with the mouth). Here’s the improved version.

To fix:

  • The nostril to the right needs adjusting
  • The lips less happy and more relaxed
  • The eye on the left needs to scale across bigger


The thing I’m trying to get used to is that acrylic paints dry darker compared to when they are wet. There’s a lot of faith in the painting process at the moment because I’m not sure if I’ve stuffed up a layer until it dries.

Another issue is the speed of drying, which is at the mercy of the weather at the moment. Summer heat and a personal fan blowing on me is making my palette harder to work with. I’ve resorted to the technique of pre-wetting/washing the surface with water for blending of tones. At this point I’m trying to get all the tones right before I attempt the crazy over lay layer of skin details – this airbrushed look is a little plastic.


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