Monthly Archives: November 2012

30°C night


Warm night for detailing and dot work. Looking forward to getting the base line work out of the way before working in the gold layer.

(Update: working on gold layer)


Full Moon

More detailing continues as the night passes on.


Post Melbourne Anniversary

Looks like I missed this year’s anniversary of moving-to-Melbourne (on the 25th). Currently working on more Doors, because I’ve been successful at sporadically selling them on


I’m enjoying where this piece is going, technically. It bears a lot of similarity to the Blue Moroccan door (just sold) I did last year but this version has a few more subtle differences like the shading and layering of tiles. The patterning could do with a few more changes, but that depends on my mood and energy. I’ll probably come back to accenting the top layer of tiles once I get the door itself out fo the way. I fear I might fall in to the trap of three different themes – causing a nasty juxtaposition.

Paints are so unforgiving. At least in Photoshop I can skew and scale these tiles back into alignment.

Looking forward to the Full Moon tomorrow night.