Off the wagon again …

Well looks like the “struggling artist” didn’t agree with me. Some artists dig deep and pull out some amazing work, I on the other hand couldn’t bring myself to find that place without risking too many destructive thoughts. I don;t think it is healthy for an artist to work in isolation in this day and age. Collaboration helps growth, and if growth also means getting some one out of depression and suicidal thoughts, I’m all for it. While we can’t help everyone in need, I think for most of us, just being there is enough.


I’ve gone back to my previous finance organisation, doing something slightly different, a little more challenging but for a short period of time. While it’s not customer service, it still involves problem solving and looking at things from a holistic approach. While I’m not creating a solution, I’m definitely using my creative skills to solve a problem by anticipating and imagining scenarios. I just have to remind myself that I’m doing this for more than the money – because really I do like the people I work with, for all their quirks and nuances.


Between work, and an active pursuit of singing in a choral society, I haven’t painted, drawn or folded paper. Part of me feels like it’s died a little, but there’s another part that acknowledges I was pushing it over the last few months. Without a muse, inspiration or energy, it is hard to produce anything. Thankfully I can still cook/bake – that’ a whole nother level of artistry.


So I’d imagine my updates here will be a little less frequent. Until then, I’ll just collect my ideas in the form of Instagraming my memories.